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Palestine Calling collections include films, video pieces, installations, photographs.

We can propose different ready-made programs according to your needs, space, and technical facilities (contact us: contact@palestinecalling.org).
You can also organize your own program.

Remember: we don't hold the rights on most pieces although most filmmakers and artists associated with the site are ready to lend or rent their works in the framework of Palestinecalling manifestations. It is only in this framework that we can take care of issues concerning the rights.
Also, please note that Palestinecalling can only participate in programs that uphold the rights of the Palestinian people.

While medium and long films will be presented as much as possible in the usual way (that is, on a large screen), the short films, videos, and photographs can be installed in various ways.

Here are some examples:

1 - The Twelve-Walls Room (12 monitors)
2 - The Listening Chamber (12 monitors)
3 - Blue Wall (3 monitors)
4 - I miss the Air (1 monitor and printed text)
5 - The Endless Wall (loop) (1 screen or monitor)
6 - Short Films & Videos (1 screen or monitor)

1) The Twelve Walls Room

In this installation, 12 « Sketches » play in a loop on 12 monitors placed on a large circle.
The twelve sound tracks are mixed in order to create a single strange and quiet atmosphere: first, visitors hear the ticking of a clock, dogs barking in the distance, a well-known and faded music, and the rattle of a plastic cup carried away by the wind...
Then, as they come into the circle, they discover what it is all about.

(This installation requires a room at least 100 square meters large)

2) The Listening Chamber

Here, each one of the twelve monitors on which twelve persons tell a story is related to one chair - that is, each story sound track can only be heard with the earphones placed on the corresponding chair.
Usually, the chairs are facing twelve monitors placed side by side (they can also be in a circle, as in the previous installation).
To listen to all stories, visitors must change chairs.
According to space facilities, this installation can be staged with less monitors, that is, for example, six stories only.

3) Blue Wall

Three dream-like images of the Wall, almost similar, are displayed on three monitors.

4) I miss the Air

While Oum Naji puts to sleep one of her grand-daughters, singing her an old lullaby, visitors can read the story of her very hard life as a refugee, since 1948, on a printed text.

5) The Endless Wall

This loop is the typical video installation.

6) Short Films & Videos

Short pieces can be viewed on a single monitor ("dressed" as you like).
The three sections "Short Videos", "Found Footage", "Tales and Stories", are particularly suited for loop screening on monitors in small places such as coffee houses.