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Film excerpts on palestinecalling.org
To view the free video excerpts on palestinecalling.org, you need the plug-in Flash.
Most of the time, it is already installed in your web navigator.
Just in case, you can download it free HERE.

Downloaded films
To view the films you can download on this website, you need one of the following softwares:
- Quick Time
- MPlayer
Always download the last version, it works better.


The films you can download on this website are MP4 files - not MP2 (that is, the DVD format).
Once you have downloaded the files onto your hard disk, you can view them on your computer - or use your computer as a player to screen the film on a TV set or a video-projector, if you have a Mac. If you have a PC you will need the appropriate card and cable.
MP4 players are already available, but are still very expensive.

The quality of the MP4 file, when you play them on a computer or a TV set are as good as DVDs.
If you plan to screen your films mostly with a video projector, it might be advisable to buy a DVD rather than the downloadable MP4 file: for one thing, you'll be able to use your DVD player. And the result on a large screen might be a little better.


palestinecalling.org uses the Internet payment system PayPal.
PayPal is a virtual bank account linked to your Credit Card : that is, it charges your Credit Card account each time you buy a film (or a « basket » of films) from the site.
In most countries, you can pay directly with the most wide-spread Credit Cards, but it is advisable - free, easy and safer - to open a PayPal account (your credit card number won't be on internet each time you buy something): to get a PayPal account, click HERE and follow the instructions provided.
(PayPal does not work - yet - in a few countries, such as Lebanon, Syria, Egypt... We will try to find another payment system for these countries.)


A few seconds after you have sent your payment, a confirmation page will appear on the site with a downloading LINK for each one of the films in your basket.
If you don't want to download your film(s) immediately or if you forget to do so, you can do it later : when you receive Palestine Calling's invoice. In the same e-mail you will find the link(s) that allow you to download your film(s).

The time needed to download your basket depends on the speed of your internet connection.


The films you can download or the DVDs you can buy on palestinecalling.org are strictly reserved for individual or family viewing.

If you only want to view yours films with your family and friends, choose Individual order.

If you wish to extend the rights attached to the films you buy in order to screen them in your school, university, association, library, coffee shop, etc, you need institutional licensing : choose Institutional order (it is a little more expensive).
You will receive by e-mail an invoice mentioning that you paid for institutional (non-commercial) rights.

All other uses of the films require an agreement with the producers or distributors.

When you buy a film, it is understood that you agree with these conditions..


Please read these frequently answered questions before writing us.

1 - I have problems viewing the videos on your site (they don't start or jolt).
Answer :
1) Your internet connection is too slow or not working well (too busy) at the moment : if you have a WiFi connection, try first to unplug it for one minute.
If your connection is still bad, wait for a better time or call your provider.

2) The Flash plug-in is not installed. Get one (see above).

2 - Shall I have the same problems with the films I download ?
Answer :
You might not, you will no longer depend on your internet connection.

3 - I didn't get the films I paid for.
Answer :
1) You didn't click neither on the downloading link(s) on the site (just after you paid) - nor on the downloading link(s) on the Palestine Calling invoice that was sent to you by e-mail : check you e-mail box and download your film(s).

2) If you didn't receive the PayPal itemized receipt of your purchase, nor the corresponding Palestine Calling invoice, it means that your payment was canceled.
Check that the credit card you are using is valid and accepted by PayPal.
Go back on palestinecalling.org with a valid card and order your film(s) again.